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    Tell Tale Signs Of A Single Man A guy walks into a supermarket and buys the following items:
    1 toothbrush
    1 tube of toothpaste
    1 roll of toiletpaper
    1 frozen dinner
    1 can of pop
    1 box of cereal
    The woman behind the counter says, "so you are single huh?"
    The man replies very sarcastically, "why would you guess that, because I am buying 1 of everything?"
    The woman replies, "no, because you are ugly."
    Blaming The Dog

    A guy goes to pick up his date for the evening. She's not ready yet, so he has to sit in the living room with her parents. He has a bad case of gas and really needs to relieve some pressure.
    Then, the family dog jumps up on the couch next to him. He decides that he can let a little fart out and if anyone notices they will think that the dog did it.
    He farts, and the woman yells, "Spot, get down from there."
    The guy thinks, "Great, they think the dog did it." He releases another fart, and the woman again yells for the dog to get down.
    This goes on for a couple more farts.
    Finally the woman yells, "Dammit Spot, get down before he shits on you."

    When All This Started So God calls to Adam and says, "Adam, I have some good news and some bad news. What do you want to hear first?"
    Adam replies, "The good news."
    God answers, "Well, the good news is I gave you a penis and a brain."
    Then Adam says, "OK, so what's the bad news?"
    And God says, "I only gave you enough blood to operate one at time."
    What's The Difference...

    What's the difference between a penis and a prick?

    A penis is fun, sexy and satisfying... A prick is the guy who owns it.


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