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    The Top Ten Things Not To Say To A Naked Man 1 This explains your car.
    2 I never saw one like that before.
    3 But it still works, right?
    4 Are you cold?
    5 I guess this makes me the early bird.
    6 Ahhhh, it's cute.
    7 Can I be honest with you?
    8 Maybe it looks better in natural light.
    9 Will it squeak if I squeeze it?
    10 Why don't we skip right to the cigarettes?
    Playing In The Snow

    Q: What's easier to make: a snowman or a snowwoman?

    A: A snowwoman is easier to make, because with a snowman you have to hollow out the head and use all that extra snow to make its testicles.

    The Breasts Of An Eighteen Year Old and The... This 65 year old woman is naked, jumping up and down on her bed laughing and singing. Her husband walks into the bedroom and sees her.
    He watches her awhile then says, "You look ridiculous, what on earth are you doing?"
    She says, "I just got my check-up and my doctor says I have the breasts of an eighteen-year-old." She starts laughing and jumping again.
    He says, "Yeah, right. And what did he say about your 65 year-old ass?"
    She says, "Well, your name never came up."
    Will He Be Faithful?

    Q: How can you tell if your husband might be unfaithful?

    A: Check and see if he has a penis.


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